Business Development

With the commoditization of web design, everyone is a publisher. Given the option of infinite possibilities at their fingertips, many companies do nothing. Because they don’t know where to start–they’re stuck.

“Should you build a new website? Or should you upgrade your brand first? Or should you just start making cold calls?”

Responsive web design is a good idea. SEO is good idea. Pay-per-click Marketing is good idea. Videos are good idea. Ebooks are good idea. Blogging is good idea. Automated follow-up sequences are good idea. Webinars are good–any of these tactics can be good ideas.

And any of them can be bad too–and cost you time and money.

It starts with strategy

To get unstuck, it requires a mindset that is more strategic than tactical. That is, more concerned with what should be done than with how to do it.

That’s why it’s important to start with the business model canvas. Even if you — the owner or the CEO — already understand it, does everyone on your team understand it? Are you sure?

“The business model canvas is like the badly needed vulcan mind meld.”

We’ll help you launch your lean marketing campaign with our best guess at a great value proposition, and the best go-to-market strategy to fit the desired objectives.  It’s best to start with the basics. On the inbound side, you want a website that works, SEO, retargeting, an arsenal of cornerstone content, and a few months of blog posts to share on social media. Then using cold email/cold calling & outside sales/hunting techniques combined with the inbound marketing, we will work together to generate leads and establish relationships with your targeted prospect base.

You will seem much bigger than you are.

We’ll use feedback from real conversations to improve messaging to create a value proposition that is so strong we’ll have your prospects beating down your door to do business with you, which will allow us to increase the pricing on your services, and improve your profitability.

So that’s the plan. Short and sweet. Next stop, business growth!