The Lean Growth Blueprint

Collaborate With Your Customers To Build An Unbeatable Business

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I am looking for three new clients…. who would like to help me collaborate on a new lean approach to marketing and business growth that I am developing. It’s called “The Lean Growth Blueprint: Collaborate With Your Customers To Build An Unbeatable Business.”

  • Make Your Customer The Hero
  • Map The Customer Journey/User Experience
  • Get Feedback For Continual Improvement
  • Create An Unbeatable Value Proposition
  • Find Your Ideal Product/Market Fit

It’ll culminate in a book in July 2016. You’ll be included/credited in the book. We’re going to use Lean Startup Principles, and create something great. You start the week after you make your reservation. I will be working on 4 of these projects concurrently.

This is not a DIY project. This is a Done-For-You project. I do the work with your guidance.

Each week, you’ll get

  • Two 1-hour consulting sessions via phone or skype
  • We’ll collaborate via email & Google Docs
  • A deliverable from me for that week based on our conversations (or with your permission based on conversations with your customers).

While you’ll start seeing results almost immediately, I promise that at the end of four months, you’ll have something great. Or I’ll give you your money back.

You’ll have a refreshed brand, a niche marketing system (the hub of which is a responsive website that works), a lead magnet in the form of an e-book to attract prospects into the top of your marketing funnel, a marketing automation system to educate your prospects about your offer,  implementation of google analytics with tags, implementation of a remarketing platform, full understanding of your SEO keywords with an editorial plan moving forward, implementation of social media, and a press release announcing your new launch.

The price is $12,000 for the 4 month project. Every week, we will work together to accomplish one big milestone. We’ll spend up to two hours on the phone together per week. And I’ll spend an average of 8 hours per week working on your account.

Milestones (subject to modification):

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Model Canvas (Lean Startup)
  3. Make Your Customer The Hero (Brand Story)
  4. The One Copywriting Formula You Need (P.A.S)
  5. Map The Customer Journey / User Experience (For Content Requirements)
  6. Create An Unbeatable Value Proposition (Carve Out Your Niche)
  7. Content Revisited (Map Out Content Requirements)
  8. The 7 Creative Essentials Of A Home Page That Really Works (To Drive Inquiries, Leads & Sales)
  9. Your Lead Magnet (an e-Book To Attract Prospects)
  10. Marketing Automation (Lead Nurturing Convert Prospects Into Buyers)
  11. Keyword Research (To Identify Best Opportunities For Your Niche)
  12. Remarketing Implementation (To Get Your Visitors Back To Your Site)
  13. Google Analytics (To Measure Results)
  14. The Role of Social Media (Creating Awareness Of The Problem)
  15. Business Development (Driving Traffic, Leads & Conversions)
  16. Continual Improvement

You do not need to invest in this to participate. As a subscriber you are free to follow along with the understanding the Growth Blueprint is a work in process. As a participant, I value your input in the process, and would like to know about the progress you’re making.

Thank you — For signing up, and I look forward to helping you build an unbeatable business.

Yours sincerely,
Les Proctor
Customer Development Specialist