There are big changes happening in the marketing industry.

With the commoditization of web design, everyone is a publisher. Given the option of infinite possibilities at their fingertips, many companies do nothing. Because they don’t know where to start–they’re stuck.

There’s really no use investing in anything unless you’re really ready to take a quantum leap forward.

Should you build a new website? Or should you upgrade your brand first?

Responsive web design is a good idea. SEO is good idea. Pay-per-click Marketing is good idea. Videos are good idea. Ebooks are good idea. Blogging is good idea. Automated follow-up sequences are good idea. Webinars are good–any of these tactics can be good ideas.

And any of them can be bad too–and cost you time and money.

To get unstuck, it requires a mindset that is more strategic (concerned with what should be done) than tactical (concerned with how to do it).

It all starts with strategy…

At its core, marketing is the practice of creating customers. Good marketing is important because it makes a difference in people’s lives. It can help turn around a failing business. It can make a good business do better.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”Joseph Campbell” link=”” color=”E8554E” class=”” size=”15px”]“We’re not on a journey to save the world, but to save ourselves. In doing that, you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”[/pullquote]

The biggest mistake that marketers make these days is focusing on themselves instead of the customer.

Strategically it’s much more important to tell your story from the customer’s point of view, and to guide them along a path. Catch their attention, keep them interested… show them the power they have, with your guidance, to help themselves.

My goal is to help you build a system that will help you have a better conversation with your customer, so they can lead you to build better and better products and services.